Residents opt for rates boycott

By Citizen Reporter

Mutare residents have written a letter of notice to the City council to boycott payments of rates.

The angry residents condemn the city council for failing to attend to their different problems.

Due to old and worn out pipes, about 52% of treated water is leaking and money collected as imposed levies goes unaccounted for while the city complains of deficits annually and have not been able to adjust.

Residents are complaining of potholes and rubbish heaps dumped on the sideways and middle of the roads.

Those on wheel-chairs are not spared as it now takes hardly six months before the wheel chair is worn out and out of order.

“Public toilets are dilapidated, leaky and slippery and have become dangerous to people with disabilities, council claims to be fixing broken pipes many times but they disconnect people from water supply without prior notice.” said a resident.

Meanwhile, residents’ organisations and legal counsels are finding smooth modalities of boycotting rates without causalities.

In ward 12, meetings are held every Tuesday since the beginning of March 2018 to find a way forward but council officials have not been attending.


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