By Yvonne Manjengwa

Harare, 10 January 2018

The Combined Harare Resident Association (CHRA) has called upon officials at Harare City Council (HCC) to prioritize service delivery and uphold principles of accountability and transparency.

This follows after the year 2017 was characterised by poor service delivery which saw Harare residents being exposed to diseases such as Cholera and Typhoid.

Erratic water supplies continue to be the norm in Harare with some areas now recording over “twenty” years without receiving council water. And where water is available, it is unsafe to drink and unfit for human consumption.

“The HCC has also failed to address the major drivers of typhoid and cholera with poor sanitation as well as uncollected garbage continuing to be the custom in Harare”.

Water sources continue to be contaminated with raw sewer and garbage while in some instances boreholes that are supposed to provide water to residents are contaminated as well.

“During this rainy season, the road network in Harare continues to get worse while poor drainage systems have exposed residents to flooding and fears are abound that 2017 flooding disasters will happen again”

In as much as residents might have been expecting the best events on the ground point that the worst could be coming.

Therefore, CHRA continues to mobilise residents to demand positive results from duty bearers.

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