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A few months after the elections, Churches and Civic Society Organisations (CSO’s) have come together shunning the prolonged political cat-fights between ZANU-PF and MDC- Alliance instead of dealing with bread and butter issues affecting the people of Zimbabwe.

Addressing journalists at Media Center in Harare this afternoon, Churches and CSO’s urged the government to prioritize service delivery rather than focusing on selfish and intransigent political ambitions.

Elvis Mugari, President of the Combined Restitution Association for Zimbabwe Youths said, “The lives of the generality of the people have turned into a nightmare in the post electoral period, there is no cash, cholera is wreaking havoc, prices of basic commodities are increasing astronomically and the political impasse seems to have no ending in sight. Lest we forget, the people’s struggle is centred on bread and butter issues”

“we implore our political leaders to shun cheap partisan politics that seeks to position themselves first ahead of the people’s agenda and we warn these politicians that if they do not shape up, they would rather ship out” he added.

Irvine Takavada, Coordinator of #This Constitution Alliance said, “Political leaders must demonstrate utmost commitment to the people’s struggle against poverty. They should engage and look for common, lasting solutions to the plethora of challenges encountered by the majority of Zimbabwe.”

Abigail Mupambi, Director of #This Constitution Alliance said, “We cannot suffer because of selfish aspirations of politicians. If the status quo persists, politicians risk losing relevance in the new Zimbabwe we envisage”

The organisations demanded solutions to the liquidity crisis, the broken down health delivery system, unabated price hikes and an end to the misplace prioritization of its obligations, selfish political grandstanding that has no benefits to the public.


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