Opinion: ED has my vote…..of no confidence

Wiseman Nyika

At that time they were holding a notorious prisoner named Barabbas.

So when the crowd had assembled, Pilate asked them, “who should I let go?’

The people shouted: “Barabbas the thief!”

And so according to the scriptures, Barabbas a celebrated robber, lived and Jesus of Nazareth died.

It boggles the mind to understand how the gathered people acted in the manner they did, but before castigating them hold on.

Over two thousand years later people are still choosing not only thieves, but serial murderers, rapists, wife beaters, gamblers, plunderers of private property as presidents, members of parliament and councilors during elections.

It has been nearly forty years after shrugging off the colonial yoke and nearly a year under the so called new dispensation. But despite this seemingly noble past, cash shortages are still rampart, food prices are skyrocketing by the day, diamond mining is still shrouded in mystery. Simply put, most citizens are still pavements and benches of the dominant elite

What could be wrong? It’s simple, we keep entrusting our future in the hands of notorious thieves just like that Judean crowd before Pontius Pilate.

My friends in ZANU PF will be quick to apportion the blame to the fallen emperor Mugabe but I’m not convinced.

Emerson Mnangagwa led from the front in the Matebele massacres of the 1980s which left thousands dead and displaced.

It was him and his friends again in 2008 when thousands perished in the presidential run off merely for choosing to be different.

We won’t forget when the plunder of private property, which they sanitized as land reform, left thousands dead and homeless in 2000.

Worse still, it brought also untold hunger and starvation.

It was under Mnangagwa and cronies’ watch that the economy nose-dived and inflation hit unprecedented levels.

That they have been thoroughly defeated by the more politically steely faction of their party and only removed Mugabe as a survival act does not make them saints in any way. In fact it makes them more repugnant as it proves they are more than ready to prolong their stranglehold on power at any cost.

They must think we suffer from dementia. To think the haunted and traumatized Gukurahundi people will stand by them. Can they really say to the hunger stricken people of Masvingo, don’t blame us for ZANU PF transgressions for the past 38 years but blame Mugabe, him and him alone?

Here is an incontestable fact; no-matter the amount of time one spends face powdering a frog, it remains a frog!

Surely the forces of hell can never be allowed to plot our survival and freedom from the bondage they helped create!

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