Mugadza appointed UDM Deputy President

Staff Reporter

The United Democracy Movement (UDM) party led by Violet Mariyacha has appointed Pastor Patrick Phillip Mugadza as the deputy president of the party.

Speaking at a press conference held at the Media Centre in Harare yesterday, Mugadza said he wanted to see change in Zimbabwe by ushering a system which made Zimbabwe better.

“I have things I want to see happening in this nation and this is what prompted me to come up with this decision to say I have to be part and parcel of the system which will shape the future of Zimbabwe,” Mugadza said.

Mugadza took a swipe at the current Zimbabwean government, saying it was opening up Zimbabwe for further abuse by outsiders.

Referring to President Mnangagwa as ED, Mugadza said,

“As a nation we have the capacity to bring ourselves up without giving away our nation. ED is saying that Zimbabwe is open for business but for me he is saying Zimbabwe is open for abuse,

“He does not have time to be vetting who is truly and genuinely coming in to make this nation better,”

Mugadza also dismissed claims that he was not in touch with Kariba constituents saying he is aware of the problems bedeviling the people of Kariba.

“I am a resident of Harare now, people are calling me because they know me. Of late I was in Kariba urban. I am so much in touch with what is on the ground in Kariba,” he said.

Mugadza stirred controversy in January 2017 when he said he had received divine disclosure on the death of the  then President Mugabe’s death by the end of 2017 and was later arrested and charged with criminal insult and undermining the authority of the President.

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