Moyo cautions against biometric voting

By Chrispen Tabvura

Former Minister in the Government of Zimbabwe’s GNU, and now the Secretary General Zimbabwe’s established People’s Democratic Party (PDP), Gorden Moyo, has expressively likened the Mugabe led government, to that of a dung-beetle.

Moyo was addressing hundreds of guests during a National Youth Development Trust, Biometric voting awareness in Bulawayo.

Moyotold the audience that, the Robert Mugabe government, can best be described as a ‘dung-beetle’ leadership, as the country is not developing and suffering from a directionless leadership.

“We are led by a dung-beetle government that does not know the direction to development. While the rest of Zimbabwe is eager to move forward, Mugabe is pushing the country backwards like a dung-beetle, which doesn’t know if it’s on the correct path of the journey,” said Moyo amid a roaring laughter from the audience.

This leadership is taking us nowhere, as demonstrated by their failure to deliver what they promised the electorate in 2013.

“Mugabe and his corrupt cabinetmust be removed from power with immediate effect, for failing the masses of Zimbabwe with their dung-beetle mentality. I am also worried why Mugabe is happy to have the biometric system of voting, after all these years of denial.” Moyo added.

“We must be very careful with this biometric system, as it can be used to rig forthcoming 2018 elections. The system crushed in Kenya and caused a lot of chaos.

“While we applaud electronic voting, we must be alert, as this can be like a bee that manufactures honey with its front, while producing a sting on its back,” he said.

“Comrades and friends, it is sad that I am addressing hungry people, who do not know where their next meal will come from, because of this government that does not care about its own people” he added

While people are calling for change, Mugabe digs in like an earth pig. The earth pig ladies and gentlemen if you try to catch it, and it escapes into a hole, don’t expect to see it coming back, you need to just try to dig it out as soon as possible, as it will only stop after bumping into a rock.” said Moyo drawing roaring laughter.

“ZANU PF has nothing to offer for the people of Zimbabwe. They don’t have solutions to this country’s problems anymore because they have been milking the country, since 1980 and destroying the infrastructure,” he said.

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