Mliswa slams political parties

Norton MP Temba Mliswa has slammed political parties for wasting time on activism whilst neglecting their constituencies where the electorate is ready for good leadership.

Addressing journalists in a press conference today, Mliswa said political parties should rather redirect their energy to the constituencies if they are to win any election.

‘If political parties in the country are serious about politics, they must truly behave like political parties not activists,’ he said

‘If the energy they are spending on activism could be turned to their constituencies, they surely would not lose,’ Mliswa added.

The Norton MP said Zimbabwe was at crossroads, and all the people wanted a person who would bring change.

‘You do not have to belong to any political party to be President. You just need to have a good track record of who you are and what you will do for the people,’ he said

Mliswa said condemning and attacking Zanu PF was and old song that everyone was used to, and would not solve the political and economic crisis the country was facing.

‘Probably we need somebody who will not be attacking, but rather talking about what they are going to do because everybody seems to be focusing on attacking the President, everybody seems to focus on attacking Zanu PF,’ said Mliswa.

Mliswa said currently, no one controls anyone in the country, and the youths should grab the constituencies and start working since the electorate was ready. He said many people were tired of their political parties and the debilitating economic crisis.

The Norton MP also emphasized the significance of the youths in taking leadership positions as they are mostly affected by the political and economic crisis.

‘The hard economic times of Zimbabwe has forced young people to be involved in politics,’ Mliswa said. ‘They should go and work in the constituencies.’

Mliswa said his victory in Norton was a sign that anyone can win elections without belonging to any political party. He said he was not going back to Zanu PF though he claimed that no one can win an election without a component of the revolutionary party.

Mliswa’sdislike of political parties follows his displeasure of MDC T leader Morgan Tsvangirai’s actions on his celebration party last week. Tsvangirai told his supporters to bunk the celebration party after bumping into Mliswa’s photos with Local Government Minister Saviour Kasukuwere.

The Norton MP, who was still angry at Tsvangirai, said he was not prepared to meet him and still maintained his position, ‘go to hell’.



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