MISA Zimbabwe Concerned by,”Confusion” in Implementation of Media Reforms

In a recent statement, MISA Zimbabwe has expressed concerns at the slow pace of  reforms to existent media legislation in order to fulfill the provisions of the new constitution.

Citing the fact that over a year has passed since the new constitution was passed in a referendum,  the media advocacy organisation accused government of lacking urgency and resorting instead to rhetoric and promises of delivery.  MISA Zimbabwe also deplored the arrests of journalists by the Zimbabwe Republic Police through the utilisation of criminal defamation laws which are not in tandem with the spirit and letter of the new constitution.

The statement further added that it was MISA Zimbabwe’s  “considered view that as long as there is no urgent holistic review of the legislative framework in accordance with the new constitution, the implementation of the constitution will remain mired in confusion and subject to individual interpretation of the law.”

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