MDC-T Youth Assembly representatives delivering a press statement at the party headquarters in Harare.


By Yvone Manjengwa.

The Movement for Democratic Change (MDC-T) Youths issued a list of their demands to the new executive this afternoon at a press conference held at their headquarters in Harare.

Addressing journalists at Harvest House, the MDC-T Youth Assembly chairperson, Happimore Chidziva said their aspirations prioritized credible elections, employment for young people, health for all, affordable education and adherence to human rights.

He added that the MDC-T Youth Assembly is aware of the mischief that Zimbabwe Electoral Commission is undertaking to scuttle progress with regards to the preparation of the next elections.

“We are still studying the resignation of Rita Makarau and we want to believe that she has not been forced out by the military .We will continue with our mass peaceful demonstrations to ensure ZEC will deliver a credible and fair elections that will not see a leadership chosen by the people coming”, said Chidziva.

Rita Makarau handed in her letter of resignation on the 8th of December 2017 and her reasons for resigning are still yet to be established.

Chidziva further alluded that the Youth Assembly demand a government anchored on constitutionalism, respect for the rule of law and human ,social and economic rights, three things that were absent in both President Mnangagwa’s inauguration speech and Finance and Economic Development Minister Chinamasa’s 2018 budget presentation.

“The budget of Chinamasa is far from the expectations of the people of Zimbabwe. We cannot have a situation where the defense will get a bigger chunk of money as compared to the other social security services. We are not at war at all”, he said.

“We are concerned that the military deployment of soldiers in several places especially against the vendors as an abuse of a process that had previously been given goodwill by the people of Zimbabwe as it served to remove Mugabe a person who was intricately linked to the amalgamated crisis arresting the country for the past 37 years.” he added.

“The meeting called for the extension of the voter registration period especially places that were supposed to be covered by phase three which as a matter of fact was interrupted by the military coup.” read the press statement.

In addition to this, Chidziva said ZANU PF has engaged in corruption over the years and they demand President Mnangagwa to provide answers to what really transpired for instance the 15 billion dollars that was siphoned off the diamonds industry and challenged the President Mnangagwa to institute serious inquiry into the whereabouts of Itai Dzamara.

The MDC –T Youths announced that they stand guided by their previous position that President Tsvangirai is their candidate for the watershed 2018 elections.







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