Man rapes an epileptic girl

By Natasha Justin

In a shocking statutory rape, a drunken manin Konjana village in Chipinge raped a 12-year-old epileptic girl yesterday.

The girl had been left home alone while her parents were working in their maize fields.

A close witness claimed that the drunken man identified only as Mahwekwe was coming from a drinking spree at the nearby Muchekwa shops and went straight to his neighbors’ home where he found the girl seated alone and started fondling her.

The girl did not seem disturbed or scared of what was being done to her by the old man because of her epileptic condition.

The man went on and later lured the girl into her parents’ bedroom quarters where he was caught red handed raping the girl by the neighbors.

Witnesses alerted the girl’s father who ran to his home and caught the man in this shameful act.

The girl’s father preferred the drunkard man to marry her daughter instantly cause of the act.

However the neighboring villagers encouraged the girl’s father to report the case to the police,as it was a rape case.

The neighbourhood constabularies were called to the scene to arrest the man who called his relatives to come and pick him up with a car.

When the relative arrived he let in the man in the car, locked the doors and sped away in a Hollywood movie style that left villagers shell shocked.

At this moment no one knows the whereabouts of this man and neighbourhood constabularies are still searching the whole village.

The girl was taken to the nearby hospital and nurses instructed the parents to report the matter to the police first and then they can test for HIV and AIDS.

The mother is afraid of reporting the matter to the police because of the father who wants the man who raped their child to marry her.

However Konjana villagers argued that rape has to be stamped out of the society because it is part of the oppression of women.

Rape has become a symptom of underlying social issues that needs to be addressed in patriarchal societies.

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