Kasukuwere calling and intimidating voters in Norton- Mliswa

Staff reporter

Themba Mliswa Norton Independent candidate addressed journalists yesterday at the media centre alleging that his supporters have been subjected to violence by ZANU PF supporters and that ZANU PF political commissar  Saviour Kasukuwere is calling and intimidating his supporters..

Themba Mliswa said that members of his campaign team are being harassed yet the perpetrators are left ‘Scot free’. He said ZANU PF is showing its desperation as more and more cases of harassment have been recorded within the last few days, which is enough evidence that ZANU PF is somehow unsettled as it is facing a possibility of losing the election.

‘Never Mavangira stopped a soccer match by chopping down a goal post, a report was made but no arrests have been made regardless of the ample evidence that has been provided’ said Mliswa

He said most of his supporters have been threatened that their land will be taken away or their homes burned. Mliswa said that Violet Maskini and her husband were beaten up by known people and the matter was reported yet still no action has been taken.

Mliswa also told the journalists that Kasukuwere is alleged to be making threatening phone calls to people in Ward 15 and ZANU PF members like Mafios and Sheila Mabasa are brought in from outside Norton to buffer up the acts of violence.

ZANU PF political Commissar Saviour Kasukuwere was unavailable to comment.

After all the reports of violence and intimidation that have been made,  Mliswa told journalists that ZEC and ZRP continue to be silent.

He said despite these challenges he would not stop campaigning until he wins the Norton Constituency seat.

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