Freak accident!

lorry wedged in a drain

lorry wedged in a drain

A lorry parked uphill plunged into a drain a few metres from the nearest house.
The lorry is used to carry sand was parked at a descending slope along a street in      Kuwadzana Phase 3, Harare.
A short while later, with no one inside and under the force of gravity,started moving downhill towards houses only to be stopped by the drain.

Investigations showed that the truck had no handbrake and was unlicensed. Residents expressed concern about the dangers posed by such vehicles, especially to children; which roam the streets freely, with no proper licensing or permits.

“It is not unusual to see these road unworthy vehicles being driven on our roads, delivering sand and quarry stones”, said one resident. “Sometimes they travel at night with virtually no lights or reflectors and you just wonder where they get the guts from”.

Another resident lamented, “Just think of it, our children play in this drain. Thank God today they were not in there. And to imagine what would have become of this house (pointing at the house) if this drain was not there, it would have been destroyed.”


(citizen journalist)

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