Dzamara prayer meeting on with or without police clearance-brother

Thelma Chandafira

The 9th of March 2016 marks exactly one year since Occupy Africa Unity Square (OAUS) movement founder Itai Dzamara went missing. The family together with the OAUS members is planning commemorations including prayers in the hope of having their message reach every sphere of influence around Dzamara’s disappearance.

Speaking at a press conference held on the 8th of March in Harare, the family lawyer Mr. Kenneth Masiye advised the press that the Zimbabwe Republic Police has denied them clearance with no convincing reason but he will approach the court for a ruling hopefully in their favor to acquire police clearance as he desires to respect the Public Order and Security Act (POSA).

However, Patson Dzamara the family spokesperson informed the press that they are conducting a march tomorrow at 12 noon starting at the Africa Unity Square with or without police clearance and they are prepared to face the consequences of that march.

“If the ruling is unfavorable the march will go on, we are prepared for anything If they want to kill all of us they will”, said Dzamara. He also expressed how the regime has succeeded in installing fear in people such that some have refrained from joining the family in seeking for justice and information on the whereabouts of Itai.

Itai’s wife, unemployed 32 year old Sheffra Dzamara got emotional as she pleaded with those with her husband to release him and bring him back to her and her children as they persistently ask when their father will be home. “All I want is my husband back I am prepared for anything to have my husband here with his family”, said Sheffra.

She also appealed to the people who have Itai to think about his children Nokutenda and Nenyasha who are 8 and 4 years old respectively and still need their father around as they are still very young.

Church representative, Bishop Magaya said the same government that is supposed to protect citizens is showing no concern at all on the disappearance of Itai but instead they are disrupting peaceful prayer meetings being held for his return. Bishop Magaya also revealed how the police have gone against the high court ruling that they should investigate the disappearance of Dzamara but to their surprise no lead at all has been found by a police force that is touted as one of the most efficient in Africa which leaves nothing but suspicion on the Dzamara issue.

The OAUS members represented by Dirk Ferly have vowed to carry on Dzamara’s work and continue to protest over the issue until he is returned. Dirk also said they will commemorate the day of Itai’s abduction on the 9th of March and invites peace loving Zimbabweans to join in speaking against injustice and also in support of the Constitutional rights and freedom.

The commemorations will start with a march at 12 noon at Africa Unity Square followed by a service at the main Cathedral in town where a documentary on Itai Dzamara’s life will be screened.

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