CRAZY youth group formed

Staff reporter

The newly formed Combined Restitution Association for Zimbabwean Youth (CRAZY) is set to initiate and spearhead polices that will position Zimbabwe as a modern democracy enjoying progression and growth on socio-economic and political fronts.

CRAZY founder Elvis Mugari said his organisation will use constitutional means to advocate for the rights of Zimbabwean youths both living within and outside the country.

The organisation will initiate programs and projects aimed at creating employment opportunities to lift the youth out of poverty.

‘Our organisation will partner with local, regional, continental and international youth organisations and individuals to share ideologies and strategies in order to effectively execute our mission,’ said Mugari.

The organisation, which is registered as a trust, will also contribute towards the creation of a new social and political dispensation which is prerequisite for the formulation of a new and better Zimbabwe devoid of corruption.

Mugari said his organisation is also prepared to engage government in formulating polices that will ensure a fair and just distribution of natural resources and assets for the youths to be well presented amongst beneficiaries.

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