Christians demonstrate against National Pledge

By Staff Reporter

The National Pledge which government has ordered to be recited in schools has been a matter of debate on the social media with various religious groups and individuals expressing diverse views over the matter.

Prayer Network Zimbabwe has expressed its displeasure in form of a petition and conducting a demonstration today against Minister of Primary and Secondary Education, Dr Lazrus Dokora’s for his directive alleging that it is unconstitutional.

Speaking at a press conference after submitting the petition to the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education offices in Harare the spokesperson of Prayer Network Zimbabwe Mr Assan Mtembo expressed his discontent with the National Pledge citing Section 60:2 of the constitution of Zimbabwe which stipulates that

No person may be compelled to take an oath that is contrary to their religion or belief or to take an oath in manner that is contrary to their religion or belief 

The founder of the Prayer Network of Zimbabwe Mr Jacob Ngarivhume expressed his displeasure over certain issues contained in the national pledge.

“There are a number of issues that we do not agree with as far as the national pledge is concerned. We also know that the National Pledge has several falsehoods or several things that we do not necessarily agree with, for instance it says we are proud inheritors of our land and resources, and as Zimbabweans and as Christians we say which resources are we proud of and have inherited? We all know that these resources have been plundered.”

He went expressed his annoyance over the lack of consultation by Dr Dokora with various stakeholders including parents and Christians over the National Pledge

The petition submitted to the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education highlighted several other issues such as the banning of Bible group, Scripture Union in schools and restriction of schools for the purposes of worship.

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