By Yvonne Manjengwa

Harare, 12 December 2017

As the world commemorated International Human Rights day, the Combined Harare Residents Association (CHRA) urged responsible authorities to address the rot at the Harare City Council which has resulted in gross violation of resident’s fundamental rights enshrined in the constitution.

CHRA restates that abuse of funds as well as failure to prioritise effective service delivery has resulted in the violation of resident’s constitutionally guaranteed rights such as the right to clean, safe and portable water and the right to clean environment among other fundamental rights.

The Harare city council has failed to provide clean and safe water to residents and residents continue to be exposed to diseases such as cholera and typhoid. In some cases, there has been pointless loss of life.

“As part of our advocacy campaigns ,we have since approached the Zimbabwe Human Rights Commission to act and push the Harare City Council to honor its obligation of providing effective service delivery” ,they added.

As representatives of residents in Harare, CHRA is however concerned that in Harare, $10 million out of $12 million being collected monthly is going towards salaries while transparency and accountability at the council is highly questionable.

In addition, CHRA notes with concern the clamp down on vendors operating in the Central Business District by the military police and municipal police. They would like to reiterate their position that vending is not an act of defiance but rather an act of desperation given the economic meltdown in Zimbabwe.

On International Human Rights Day CHRA called upon the government to resuscitate the economy and create jobs rather than to launch a clamp down on the livelihoods of desperate residents.

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