Chipinge voter registration sports gala on tomorrow

By Citizen Reporter

CHIPINGE– Platform for Youth Development trust (PYD) will have a constituency sports gala tomorrow the 21st of April at Guyo Primary School and Mabee Community grounds. The gala will mainly feature soccer and netball teams representing Musikavanhu and Chipinge South constituencies. The sports gala will commence at 1000hours at various playgrounds. In Musikavanhu it will be held at Guyo Primary School and in Chipinge South at Mabee Community grounds. PYD’s objective is to motivate youths to register and vote in the upcoming general elections.

The community based organisation will also plead with those who are already on the electoral roll to be willing to inspect their names during the voter inspection period. PYD’s programs officer Mr Artwell Chingwara said, ” we are looking forward for the success of the forth coming gala where everyone is invited to attend regardless of age and sex”. The organisation’s committee members will also participate in the event as the finance officer will be leading another team in Chipinge South at Mabee Community grounds.

PYD is advocating for a democratic and prosperous nation where youths should be encouraged to take a lead in participating in electoral issues in Zimbabwe. They are running with the slogan, ”Your vote is your voice, your voice is your right”. PYD is known for chanting ” youth for the youth” has the youth at heart because they believe that is where the political, economic and social concerns of the nation are centred on.

The Director of the organisation Mr Claris Madhuku emphasised that sports can help in resolving conflicts and it brings people from all different spheres of life together that is what initiated the sports gala event. His remarks were, ” we will be sending the message to encourage young people to register to be voters and inspect their names during the voter inspection period which will commence in the following weeks”. Be free to join the gala. #MugangaWedu2018

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