Chaos rocks YARD Press conference

By Takunda Mandura and Thelmah Chandafira

The Youth Advocacy for Reform and Democracy (YARD) press conference was interrupted today 27 April 2016 at Media Centre by the president of Zimbabwe Congress of Students Union ZICOSU, Tonderai Chidawa over allegations that Howard Madya, who was also addressing the press conference is an illegitimate leader of the student Union.

Speaking at the chaotic press conference the ZICOSU-Chidawa aligned member,  Takudzwa Gambiza acknowledged the chaotic interruption as necessary to save ZICOSU.

“We have to be barbaric to protect our union, Madya must not use the name of the union when he is not the real president of ZICOSU”, said an emotional Gambiza after Howard Madya had urged them to hold their own press conference to denounce him rather than acting in a barbaric manner.

Howard Madya was heard by ZICOSU-Chidawa speaking on behalf of ZICOSU as the President at a YARD press conference causing the interruption by members of ZICOSU aligned to Chidawa. Madya’s faction has since disassociated itself from ZANU-PF whilst Chidawa has vowed to remain aligned to ZANU-PF.

Temba Mliswa, the founder and National Commander of YARD shunned the chaotic interruption by ZICOSU- Chidawa faction and urged the youth not to be violent as he will protect any member of YARD. “We will defend ourselves if we have to, some of us are trained to deal with ten people at a given time but the aspect of violence we do not have to deal with it we are tolerant.

“This is another sign of the strength of YARD, if it was irrelevant this would have not happened”, said Mliswa.

Speaking at the sidelines of the chaos, Zimbabwe National Students Union (ZINASU) member Alistair Pfunye has denounced parallel structures within the students union

“If we start to have parallel structures within our union we will not tolerate that,”

YARD is set visit Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) election manifesto this coming weekend in South Africa.



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