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Mining induced displacements a threat to rural livelihoods

By Panashe Chikonyora Zimbabwe’s huge and diversified mineral resource base which is highly characterised by the ancient Greenstone Belts (gold belts) – some of the world’s richest minerals has seen the country experiencing intensified mining activities from both locals and…

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Economic Evaluation of Zimbabwe: How is it different now from the first two years of Independence.

Just as Zimbabwe is a land of political contradictions, so it is a land of economic paradox, for the nation is simultaneously both developed and underdeveloped. A developed economy can be seen through its industrial sectors, in the commercial farm…

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Are the new investment policies under the new dispensation enough to lure the mystical investor?

Investor optimism following the 2017 fall of former President Robert Mugabe has dissipated as the new dispensation has been slow to follow through on its promises to reform and improve the business environment. The economy has suffered hyperinflation and contracted…

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Since the coming in of the second republic in 2017, the mantra Zimbabwe is open for business has become part of the country’s foreign policy. Due to the volatile currency, lack of clear institutional governance frameworks, slow pace in domesticating…

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Rural Young Women Plunge Into Poverty Due To Poor Land Policies

The country has joined the rest of the world in observing the 16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence with a focus to eliminate violence against women and girls. However, young women are being sidelined by the current land tenure…

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MDC blew an opportunity, they don’t deserve another chance. 

Political analyst Wilbert Mukori says the country’s biggest opposition party MDC doesn’t deserve another chance for dialogue as they slept on duty during the government of national unity (GNU). The government of national unity formed by Zanu PF, MDC-T and MDC-N,…

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“No Jab – No Church is a violation of freedom of worship” – Epworth residents

The government’s directive to restrict church gatherings to only vaccinated members as a measure to curb the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic has been largely viewed by residents in Epworth as is a veiled denial of the freedom of worship….

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Report of Webinar Held by Media Centre on Community Reporting Review Roundtable Meeting held on 30 September 2021.

This is a report produced on behalf of the Media Centre for the above meeting which had the support from FOJO Media Institute, IMS and the Government of Sweden. The meeting started with Mr. William Ponela of Zoneful Energy signposting…

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Beyond the obvious

The polarisation in the Zimbabwean mainstream media has led to the newspapers covering the Zimbabwean story from a biased, untrue and one sided point of view. A partisan aligned account of the issues affecting Zimbabweans has therefore not adequately presented…

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School Disciplinary Challenges: Parents’ Arms Akimbo!

The current measures employed to enforce discipline expose the teachers, as parents are watching their children continuing to misbehave. Under the current scenario, corporal punishment has been banned, pregnant school girls are allowed to attend school and so are their…