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Madhuku Defends POLAD Cars

NCA president, Prof Lovemore Madhuku defended his party’s decision to accept vehicles recently handed over by President Emerson Mnangagwa to all the sixteen members of the Political Actors Dialogue (POLAD), saying the move is a step ahead towards fulfilling the letter and spirit of the constitution of the country.

By Sharon Tariro Evansi
-Media intern

Prof Madhuku was speaking on Tuesday at a press conference organized by his NCA party and explained that POLAD strives to end political polarization in Zimbabwe and even go further selling the dialogue idea to fellow SADC countries and the rest of Africa.

Professor Madhuku further said his party firmly believes that Zimbabwe will be a better country if everyone subscribes to the idea whereby winners are compelled to work with those who would have lost in elections no matter where and at what level of leadership.
“The winner should work with the losers”, he thundered.

Madhuku said POLAD is a noble initiative by President Mnangagwa to accommodate the contribution of all the 2018 presidential candidates so that they can work together in moving the country forward thus his acceptance of the vehicle as it would help his party reach his “supporters”.

Prof Madhuku was largely blamed on social media platforms by critics who saw him as self-conflicting for accepting vehicles from the government which he is well known for disagreeing with in terms of resource prioritization.

Madhuku quoted the country’s constitution, section 67(4) saying that the distribution of cars was a step towards meeting the demands of multi-party democracy as enshrined in the supreme law.


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