Absolute Peace Will Require Re-Writing History

By Sineke Sibanda

THE National Transitional Justice Working Group in Zimbabwe (NTJWGZ) has resolved that true transitional peace and justice will require Zimbabweans to accept their past and prepare to chart a new course.

This revelation was uttered during Tony Reeler’s vote of thanks statement at Alliance Francaise in Harare after the launch of the three documents by the group proposing steps to be considered and undertaken to achieve absolute peace in the country.

Tony Reeler argued that there was need to let go of the bitterness of the past and begin embracing the innocence of the future.
“The history we know as Zimbabweans is that of violence. It is important then for us to acknowledge this history so that we can plan for a better democratic future. This is a process, processes are inclusive of time and events. We need to know what we have to remember and what we have to let go.”

Reeler also urged the delegates that transitional justice cannot be bought but must be invented and owned by everyone for it to work.
“When a journey of transitional justice is undertaken, it is victory for all of us, ” he added.

The launched documents; Guiding Principles for Transitional Justice Policy and Practice in Zimbabwe, a Conference report and a National Peace and Reconciliation Commission Watch (NPRC) were set to build sustainable peace, and outline the fundamental pillars upon which Zimbabwe would function justly and equitable.

It was also revealed at the launch that the group was soon to launch vernacular editions of the Principles for Transitional Justice Policy and Practice in Zimbabwe to afford every Zimbabwean a chance to participate in the national healing process towards a just future.

The (NTJWGZ) is a platform established by 46 Zimbabwean transitional justice stakeholders to provide the interface between transitional justice stakeholders and the official transitional justice processes in Zimbabwe.

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