A man from Murewa burnt his certificates including a medical degree after being instructed by the leader of apostolic sect that it was bringing bad luck upon him

The man known as Madzibaba Ishmael had  been working at renowned hospital in Harare and was about to start his own private medical practice.

He was living in Budiriro and suddenly stopped everything prior to joining the “Madzibaba” church.

At first he went there occasionly following his wife who is the constant member until he was converted.

The elders of the “Madzibaba” church then asked him to rid himself of all filthy and ungodly past which included his work as a medical doctor, burning his graduate certificates.

He also did away with his house furniture and everything else for the church.

Madzibaba Ishmael  had been the family breadwinner but now his family is suffering.

The house he was constructing for his mother stopped at midway.

His mother is very unhappy about this and when Madzibaba Ishmael asked his feelings concerning the issue he retorts, “On this earth we came with nothing and so we shall leave with nothing”.

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