Pandemonium at the Reverend’s funeral

It is said there was pandemonium at the late Reverend Zvenyika’s funeral when all those with names that appeared in deceased’s suicide note were unceremoniously dismissed from taking part in the funeral proceedings.

In an eight paged suicide letter read to the mourners yesterday, the deceased outlined all that grieved him, chief among which was that the lady involved in the adultery case, always popped out each time he wanted to do anything fruitful in his life. He also accused the church’s leaders for failing to listen to his defence outline at the hearing.

He accused, chief amongst others, Madhuku Johnson, head of Pamushana High for scheming the adultery case. He reiterated that Madhuku was involved in a financial mismanagement case that he wanted to cover through blackmailing him. He further implicated Chinanga Zondai, Tongonya Jephta and Chokera Zororo, all being church mates for the same issue.

After reading the letter those cited were literally chased away from the funeral. It is said Chokera and Chinanga wanted to remain at the funeral but were shoved away with Chokera falling to the ground during the scrambling out.

Surprisingly, Madhuku did not attend the funeral. The citizen journalist who passed through Pamushana High School saw Mrs Madhuku sharing laughter with other ladies before the funeral was over implying she did not attend the funeral.

In another shocking revelation, Madhuku Johnson is said to have taken two trips to Masvingo with the same lorry in which Zvenyika committed suicide a few hours after the corpse was removed.

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