Chiefs busy on traditional ceremonies.

Traditional chiefs and their sub-chiefs were very busy during this past festive season. They were guests of honour at many tradition functions. Their presence was a blessing to whichever family holding such events.

One such event was held at Chipikiri homesteads on Monday, the 11th of August. Present were village heads Tarungamiswa and Tadziripa together with other neighbouring village heads. Sub-chief Charamba and his aid Dhoro graced the occasion.

However, they don’t officiate for free, that is when they get zvirigo. Zvirigo are tokens of appreciations due to chiefs from their subjects. At memorial services, one would be showing gratefulness to the leader for his presence and his availing of a piece of land on which they bury their relative.

Amongst the things they request as zvirigo are six small clay pots full of the traditional brew, ”bandauko nezvishava”. Zvishava are different pieces of meat cut from different parts of the animal that would have been slaughtered at the function. These include part of the liver, abdomen, intestines and soft meat obtained under the thighs and the front legs. They carry with them back home, the bandauko (front leg) but other pieces are cooked on the function. They also require three quarts of clear beer and four soft drinks. The traditional beer is drunk on the function except for about 5litres he may carry to his home if the beer is good.

When he arrives he is received with ululations by women and clapping of hands (kurova manja or gusvi) by men. He sits out first before getting into a designated house. While still out, he is treated to a mumvuri washe. This is some beer that he must share with his subjects while cooling down. It is during this time that the subjects “vanokwidza maoko avashe”, that is asking for the well-being of the sub-chief. This is done while his immediate subject, his aide recites the sub-chief totem. Charamba is of the Moyo totem and Duma clan.

Actually the proceedings were very orderly and interesting. The sub-chief took about 4 hours with his subjects milling around different issues affecting the subjects.

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