Munyaradzi Gunhu escaped death by a whisker when he got the the beating of his life at ABLOV Bottle Store. It is alledged that Merilyn Tabva , ex-wife to Gunhu who is employed at ABLOV as a barmaid was having an affair with Cnst Shau of Bikita ZRP. The affair has developed so open that it offended Gunhu who frequents the place for some holy water, because of jealousy Gunhu felt resulting in him attacking Merilyn accusing her of falling in love and betraying their marriage with Shau. There was a nasty verbal exchange which attracted Shau’s attention. In trying to understand why his name was being quoted, Gunhu became throwing fists at him ,a passerby Charles Magariro tried to stop the fight but could not. Shau in return started kicking Gunhu who had fallen to the ground until his body lay lifelessly on the ground. He was hurried to the hospital where he is recovering and Shau was arrested and spent a night behind bars

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