Mliswa tested publicly

House of Assembly representative for Norton constituency Hon. Temba Mliswa holding his HIV test results

By Collins Chirinda

Member of Parliament for Norton constituency Honourable Temba Mliswa has been publicly tested at the New Start Center in Harare in full view of the media. Hon. Mliswa was responding to accusations on social media alleging that he infected underage girls with HIV/AIDS.

Addressing a press conference earlier at Media Centre in Harare, Mliswa said as a legislator and parent, he was encouraging people not to indulge in unprotected sexual affairs and that laws were supposed to be upheld for the protection of those who were unknowingly infected.

“I categorically deny such frivolous allegations. I believe that if I have infected someone and for them to be quiet about it will be causing further risk to others, how many more am I infecting? The person alleging this on social media should come up with evidence and a police or medical report,

“As a matter of principle I do not date anyone younger than my daughter, I prefer much older and mature women. I challenge anyone younger than my daughter that alleges to have dated me to come forward.” said Mliswa.

Mliswa challenged anyone to provide testing kits for him to use as he was going to get tested for HIV in the presence of the public and the media at the New Start Center at New Africa House in Harare.

“As a leader, I will lead from the front. I owe it to the people of Norton. This exercise will be carried at New Start Center and I will also take this opportunity to state that my father was HIV positive and died last year. I would like to acknowledge the effect it has on me as a public figure and as a father,” he said.

Honourable Mliswa encouraged people to dissociate themselves from stigmatization of people living with HIV/AIDS.

“HIV is not a death sentence and it does not prevent anyone from leading a normal life, the negative stigma against it needs to be dispelled. Even if I had to test positive today, my status would not dictate or determine my status as a legislator or make me any less capable of serving the electorate,” he added.


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