Church, Civic Society demand Judiciary independence

Rev. Malusi Guthrie Gomo of Zimbabwe Divine Destiny

By ZimSentinel

The church and civic society organisations have urged the government to stop interfering with judicial processes in the recent MDC Alliance led by Presidential candidate, Nelson Chamisa, court challenge on the recently held harmonised election.

While addressing the media, Reverend Malusi Guthrie Gomo of the Zimbabwe Divine Destiny said the courts should uphold democracy and be independent from political manipulation.

“We want the constitutional court judges to know that they are the last frontier in the quest for true democracy and that you hold the nation’s hopes therefore do it for the love of Zimbabwe and not for power mongers from any of the political divide,” he said.

Rev. Gomo also said the church and civic society groups were concerned by the recent interference of President Emmerson Mnangagwa during the arrest of Tendai Biti.

“We would like to warn and urge President elect Mnangagwa to uphold the sanctity of the separation of powers and allow the courts unfettered freedom to adjudicate without fear of any reprisals nor threat from those in power,” he said.

The recently held harmonised elections were generally peaceful but were marred by post-election violence on 1 august this year which resulted in the death of six people according to official reports.

In the aftermath of the post electoral military violence, MDC Alliance principal Tendai Biti fled the country sighting fear of political persecution and he was arrested in Zambia when President Mnangagwa interfered and later posted a tweet confirming the development.


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