Chamisa Contributed to job loses: ZWJ

Lackson Munkombwe


Trust Gakanje, ZWJ Spokesperson

THE Zimbabwe Workers for Justice (ZWJ) has brought attention to the role played by the Movement for Democratic Change-MDC-Allience President Nelson Chamisa in advocating for the mass dismissal of workers on behalf some companies in 2015.

Speaking during a press conference in Harare, ZWJ spokesperson Mr Trust Gakanje said the union was saddened by the short memories of many Zimbabweans who have been rallying behind Chamisa, a man who represented Zuva petroleum, Steward Bank, the Miekles Hotel and other big companies as they sought to dismiss workers following the Supreme Court July 17 ruling.

Over 30 000 workers were dismissed in 2015 following the Court ruling that gave companies or employers power to terminate contracts within a three months notice.

“Back in 2015, there was a court case which changed the face of Zimbabwe, it changed the fate of Zimbabwe,” said Gakanje.

He said the case clearly pitched the strong against the weak, and big business against the worker, but most importantly exposed the then advocate Nelson Chamisa who chose to pocket the money despite other people’s tears being spread all over the show in the country.

“The Supreme Court case set off a crisis for the Zimbabwean worker which led to around 30 000 Zimbabwean workers losing their jobs, losing livelihoods,” said Gakanje.

“That Nelson Chamisa who was proud to have defeated the worker with his famous court appearance is back on the scene. This is not leadership! This is not morality!”

He said it was hard to think what really changed between 2015 and 2018 with Chamisa who allegedly claims to represent the interests of the people.

“Well it appears that the people and the press of Zimbabwe have a short memory. There was one particular leading voice who was never held accountable for his role in this immoral decision. There was one young aspiring advocate who proudly took the despicable glory for this victory of injustice. That young advocate who fought for the big bosses against the worker, was none other than Nelson Chamisa,” said Gakanje.

Mr Biggy Mutambabra, union president said they are not a political figure in the country but they were keen to achieve justice, and fair treatment of workers.

“Today we stand up and scream at the top of our lungs. We will not be silent until every Zimbabwean voter remembers who was responsible for the most wicked court decision in the history of our young nation.We are lobbying for workers rights,” said Mutambara.

He said Chamisa has done an excellent job at making people forget his role in a disgraceful event and has sought to re-write history and eradicate his role in such a sorry episode.

Meanwhile Nelson Chamisa and his MDC counterparts have been causing mayhem against the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) demanding electoral reforms as the country draws closer to the harmonised elections.

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