#1980 Freedom Movement accuses ZEC of judiciary rigging

By Staff Reporter

The #1980 Freedom Movement has warned against boycotting this year’s general elections despite the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) failure to provide electoral reforms which favours all the political parties while there was still time to the elections date.
The movement Commander in Chief and Svikiro Mr Francis Danha said ZEC was partaking in judiciary rigging, citing that it was deliberately delaying to produce the ballot paper, a sign that it was taking biased decisions towards the incumbent President ED Mnangagwa.
“Rigging is a process,” said Mr danha. “It all starts from the judiciary process and effected during and immediately after the election date. ZEC must produce the ballot paper while there is still time so that we see what it contains and even be criticized if there is any need.”
He said as the movement, they were even prepared to hire external observers if ZEC was not complying with the demands of the people.
“ZEC must respond to our request as soon as possible to ensure that we are all riding on clear, transparent and credible reforms as we head towards the harmonized elections. Failure to give us these reforms , we will hire International observers because we don’t want a possible rigging to happen again this year,” said Mr Danha.
The #1980 Freedom Movement said it was optimistic to win this year’s election despite the fact that they are fairly new and not so popular in the political frail.
“Statistics show us that there are about 500 000 ZANU-PF followers, and 800 000 MDC-Alliance sympathisers, so it means there are over 4 million registered people are still looking for the right candidate. It means we also stand a chance to win the presidential elections just like any other candidates,” said Dinha.
#1980 Freedom Movement President, Melba Dzapasi said the country was being held back by a non-progressive policies, hence she called for economic driven policies centred round the people’s needs.
“We fought the first Chimurenga war to get our land and resources back from the whites. The concern was economically driven, which is exactly what we need to archive in this country. We embrace the spirits of Mbuya Nehanda and Sekuru Kaguvi and we are happy to have this ideology which tackles what this country needs to progress,” said Dzapasi.
Mr Dinha was arrested on the 22nd of July for allegedly disrupting a National Peace and Reconciliation Commission after accusing ZEC chairperson Justice Chigumba for being biased towards the ruling Party.

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