Kativu: Mnangagwa, Chiwenga presidency a thousand steps going backwards

By Staff Reporter

17 January 2018 – The leader of the Complete Knockdown of Establishment (CKD) Campaign, Eng. Gastaff Kativu who was arrested for labeling President Mnangagwa “a murderer” was bailed out on the 8th of January 2018 and has told journalists at a press conference that the ascension of Mnangagwa and VP Chiwenga to presidency is a thousand steps going backwards.

Gastaff was arrested for holding the placard that read “Mnangagwa Killed My Friend” during the ZANU –PF extra ordinary congress last year.

“My friend’ symbolizes all the victims of Gukurahundi, political persecution ,political violence in elections 2000/2002/2005/2008 ,Operation Murambatsvina ,Operation Hakudzokwi in Chiadzwa ,Rashiwe Guzha ,Tichaona Chiminya ,Talent Mabika and Itai Dzamara among other victims who were brutally murdered  where Catholic Commission for Justice and Peace among other investigators implicated Mnangagwa,Perrence Shiri and top ranked military operatives as responsible for those crimes against humanity whose names must be cleared of any crime by an international competent court” ,said Kativu.

Kativu further criticized the system of justice in the new dispensation as he notes that suspects die during torture and are forced to admit to crimes they did not commit.

“For holding a placard ,which a citizen right like the right to education ,I was imprisoned in leg irons for one month without bail, tortured and classified as a dangerous criminal sharing prison with suspected armed robbers and murders ,eventually freed on bail after a struggle owing to the fighting spirit of attorney Job Sikhala” ,notes Kativu.

“Zimbabwe is a righteous nation which cannot be led by citizens with skeletons in their cupboards”

Furthermore, Kativu in a statement went to an extent of taming the President Mnangagwa who is well known as the “Crocodile” to a harmless lizard.

“Robert Mugabe fears the crocodile, ZANU PF is afraid of the crocodile and citizens fear the crocodile but on 15 December 2017, (I) Gastaff Kativu threw away the fear of the crocodile and literally stood on its head”.

Kativu is an engineer by profession and lived in the Middle East for close to ten years.

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