CODE Press Statement


The Coalition for Democrats (CODE) has raised concerns about the vague distribution of inputs under the command agriculture scheme that has recently seen the deployment of the army in different communities as a way of regaining the country’s resources.

Command Agriculture was announced in August 2016 as Zimbabwe grapples with economic problems and the scheme aimed at ensuring food self –efficiency.

Each participating farmer was required to commit 5 tonnes per hectare towards repayment of advanced loans in the form of irrigation equipment, inputs and chemicals, mechanized equipment, electricity and water charges.

The program costs USD$500 million and each farmer would be earmarked to receive USD$250, 000.

“The system had been poorly implemented without any clear indication of the recipients (beneficiaries) with only a few people being finger pointed of being involved in the corrupt saga”, said Elton Steers Mangoma ,CODE President.

He further added that if money had been channelled through banks it could have been easy to trace using bank records, checks and balances could have been made in a way that could benefit the country.

“Positioning the army into the structure will only create another platform for plundering not only for ZANU PF but also for the navies to fill in their own pockets”.

According to the press statement, in recent command agriculture reports 66% of the summer advances was recovered, thus if the 33% of the people fail to pay it shows that recoverability has flopped and nothing can be done to recover the untraceable inputs.

Mangoma restates that command agriculture is the mother of corruption ,most  of the scheme beneficiaries are not known ,payment terms are not clear which only requires the command agriculture target to be reversed immediately and allow clear planning and clean implementation to take place with the help of learned civilians not the army.

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