MavamboKusile leader DrSimbaMakoni has said the recent meeting of political party leaders in South Africa has resolved to finalize the modalities of the coalition by December 2016 despite the absence of Mujuru and Tsvangirai from the gathering.

Addressing journalists in a press conference today, Makoni saidthe thirteen leaders, who met in Cape Town,agreed to put aside their differences and work together for the salvation of the nation.

Makoni, who was accompanied by ZUNDE leader Farai Mbira,said the reason for gathering in South Africa was to find a secluded conducive environment with the opportunity of facilitation.

‘It’s a strategy to provide a conducive environment for focused, uninterrupted discussions among protagonists in a situation,’ said the Mavambo/Kusile leader.

Makoni refuted allegations that MDC T leaderMorganTsvangirai and PDP leader Joice Mujuru were left out from the meeting saying the facilitators of the meeting approached them but they declined.

‘Those people made three trips to Harare and they met with every one of the thirteen leaders who were in Cape Town,’ Makoni said. ‘They tell us that they also met with Mr Tsvangirai and with representatives of Mrs Mujuru, and she herself at once.’

MDC T leader Morgan Tsvangirai boycotted the meeting citing that it had not been planned with him and he was not quite aware of the agenda.

Makoni however said the parties were committed to building a broad coalition of political parties for the betterment of the nation.

‘We are committed to do all that is necessary to achieve this noble objective, whose time has come, for the benefit of all Zimbabweans,’ he said.

The Mavamboleader said the thirteen leaders were committed to end the monumental crisis in Zimbabwe, caused by a total failure of leadership.

He said this crisis presents itself in the form of economic meltdown, abject poverty, violence and intimidation, breakdown of the rule of law and lack of transparency and accountability.

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