Mliswa narrates violent Norton ordeal

Staff reporter

Independent candidate for Norton, Temba Mliswa today questioned whether the Norton by election would be free and fair after violent scenes erupted in the constituency on Saturday. Mliswa condemned police for failing to deal with ZANU PF supporters who had come to disrupt his rally.

After obtaining a court order from the High Court to  conduct his rally at the stadium, Mliswa was surprised to find the first gate of the stadium closed and the second hedged by a number of police officers which made it difficult for Mliswa to hold his rally.

“Upon reaching the first gate, I found it locked. I then proceeded to the second gate which I found barricaded by the police who ignored the court order and claimed ignorance, effectively rendering the court useless,” said Mliswa.

Mliswa said that within a couple of minutes police began to fire tear gas into the crowd of his supporters, dispersing the crowd.

In light of this view, Mliswa says the ZRP, should remove their standard police uniforms and instead put on ZANU PF regalia as they are clearly working together.

“The disruption  by ZANU PF supporters, whilst barbaric in its very nature, is not surprising and can only be equated to the behaviour of a cornered wild animal fighting for survival or the last kicks of a dying horse,” Mliswa said.

Mliswa also claimed that he is being supported by NERA, MDC-T, PDP , RDZ and other opposition political parties in his bid to win the Norton seat. He also said that he is being supported by disgruntled ZANU PF supporters.

“My appreciation also goes out to VP Hon. Chamisa who displayed great gallantry and political acumen on the ground. This is clear testimony that there is strength in numbers and in unity of purpose,” said Mliswa.

“The day of reckoning is drawing closer and on the 2nd of October 2016, ZANU PF will attend its own funeral as the people of Norton usher in a better Norton and a beginning of a better Zimbabwe,” Mliswa added.

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