Women politicians urged to be more visible

Natasha Justin
The political ground in Zimbabwe is still male dominated even though the new constitution appears to have taken steps to ensuring gender parity and key decision-making positions including politics, there are still many challenges inhibiting women participation.

The Zimbabwe Election Support Network recently urged women politicians to be visible in order to enhance their chances of attaining gender balance in elections.

‘Women need to be more organized and improve their visibility to the electorate’, said ZESN.

Despite being the backbone of the society women in political positions lamented that funds that are being disbursed to parties do not directly benefit them.

‘Political campaigns cost money, and we do not have access to resources’, said women in politics.

Women were encouraged to utilize social media such as twitter, Facebook,YouTube and other sites that encourage engagement with the public they will be representing in their various political positions.

Professor Rudo Gaidzanwa also highlighted that there was need to make women’s issues visible and audible.

‘Women in politics need to engage with the social media as the contemporary media communication tools’, said ZESN in their report findings.

However ZESN went on to say that for women to fully participate in politics, government need to guarantee a secure and violent free environment to ensure increased participation of women in politics.

Honourable Mabel Chinomona highlighted that there was need for civic education on women issues to be taken to the grassroots level.

ZESN encouraged women in politics in Zimbabwe to close ranks and support each other regardless of political affiliation.

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