Dzamara Family addresses the media

Nyaradzai Gogo

The family of Itai Dzamara has said it is ”tormented” by the disappearance of the human rights activist, but remains hopeful the father of two will return home unharmed.

Dzamara reportedly went missing on March 9 after visiting a barber shop in Glenview where some unknown people forced him into a vehicle, accusing him of stock theft.

The matter is under investigation by the Zimbabwe Republic Police.

Speaking at a Press Conference in Harare on Monday, Itai’s brother, Patson Dzamara rubbished rumours the former journalist had ‘abducted himself’ to gain political mileage.

”The last week has certainly been one of the most tumultuous and tormenting week for us as a family” Dzamara said.

”We admit that we are dealing with an unsmiling and complex situation. As a family we are not omniscient; we are also seeking to know what transpired.

”We have engaged our legal team over those (rumuors) and it is our hope that those responsible will be made accountable”.

Under the Occupy Africa Unity Square campaign, Itai has carried out demonstrations seeking the ouster of President Robert Mugabe, accusing him poor leadership.

Zanu PF member Energy Mutodi has recently claimed Itai was hiding in Botswana after ‘abducting himself.’

”It seems as though some people know where he is and we are appealing to them and the State to help us find Itai,” he said.

”We are certainly not enjoying this period. It is hard for us. This is not a joke.

Itai’s wife, Sheffra, failed to address the Press briefing due to trauma. The family has two children, a boy and a girl, both under 8.

Many people have disapeared the Itai-style before, abducted by suspected State security agents.

A few years ago, human rights activist Jestina Mukoko went missing only to resurface several months later, badly bruised. One Rashiwe Guzha who disappeared in the early 1990s was never found.


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